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  1. Stacey Booth

    I have searched and searched for images of the Calder stabile that used to hang in the Hudson’s court of the Franklin Park Mall. I have such fond memories of it. DO you know of a resource that might help? Thank you!

  2. Frank Lehman

    I just discovered the “Toledo History Box” web site. All sorts of interesting things.

    One of them is an article about not longer existing restaurants from Toledo. One is the Ted’s Hamburgers at Monroe and Erie. What you did not point out is that right across the street (ie. across Erie St) is an establishment I remember going past so many times when going downtown on The Trail and then coming in on Erie St–the “Scenic Bar.” You can clearly see the sign in the picture.

    Do you remember that the Scenic Bar was the “Gay Bar” in Toledo? At least among my acquaintances when going to high school in the 1950″s, it was the only gay establishment in Toledo.

  3. Paula Wethington

    I came across this site when doing a search for the date of the founding of Franklin Park Mall. Your crossreference of memories with historical records in cities we have lived in is how I have saved and passed on quite a few stories for my family; but I really didn’t have much information about the stories we’d be interested in from Toledo. I’ve enjoyed looking through the archives and am sharing your link with my family!

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